Seattle Skyline at Sunset from Kerry Park

When I visited Seattle for the first time recently, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard of the cities beauty, culture and iconic landmarks such as the Space Needle. However when I arrived and started exploring, I was blown away by what the city offered. One of those places was Kerry Park.

On my typical exploring adventures, I learnt about Kerry Park, a small public park located a 30 minute walk from the Space Needle. Off I set, deciding on visiting the park for sunset and try and get a glimpse of the Seattle skyline. However what I was greeted with was an absolutely spectacle. Unobstructed views of the whole city, Elliott bay and Mount Rainier.

How to get to Kerry Park from the Space Needle
Kerry Park is located a short distance from the Space Needle

Amazed at what I had stumbled on, I took in the views for over two hours. I got there an hour before sunset and set up on the concrete wall that lines the edge of the park. The crowds came in quickly as sunset approached. Luckily I had secured my spot as coming any later and the view would have been hampered. Setting up my GoPro, I decided on a time lapse to capture the evening.

As the sun went down, the view got more and more spectacular. The lights came on once the sun had set and lit up the night sky of the city. The crowds started to dissipate, but I decided on hanging around a bit longer, taking in the atmosphere.

Kerry Park was a highlight of my visit to Seattle for sure. A totally unexpected delight, I will be back to view another sunset on my next trip for sure!

View my time lapse sunset of Seattle from Kerry Park below!

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